What Is A Podiatrist

Podiatrist in Sterling, VA

Podiatrist in Alexandria and Sterling, VA

Our feet take a lot of abuse each day. This might be why around 75 percent of Americans will deal with a foot problem at some point in their lives. That’s where a foot doctor comes in. A foot doctor, also commonly referred to as a podiatrist, helps diagnose, treat and manage problems of the foot, ankle, and leg.

What Podiatrists Treat

About one-quarter of all the bones in your body are in your feet. This means that if any of these bones are out of alignment, chances are pretty good that the rest of your body will be too. This can cause pain, numbness and other symptoms. Your podiatrist has the expertise and tools necessary to treat just about any issue. We offer a full range of podiatric services, to tackle everything from minor foot problems to more severe issues:

We work with everyone from children to the elderly to help improve foot health. Your podiatrist also performs surgeries and shockwave therapy to treat certain severe conditions that might not respond to traditional or more conservative treatments.

Visiting the Podiatrist

When you come into our office, we will perform a thorough exam and discuss the symptoms you are experiencing. We will also get all of your medical histories, including past foot and ankle injuries. We may also run X-rays, CT scans or an MRI to diagnose your condition. Then we will create a customized treatment plan to help reduce your symptoms and improve your overall foot health. From athletes to children with structural problems, we work with any condition and patient to give them the care they need to live a pain-free life.

Whether you are dealing with foot pain, diabetes, or you just want to prevent sports-related foot injuries, your foot doctor is able to handle all of your podiatric needs.

If you want to find out more about what a foot doctor can do for you, contact our office today!

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